Sell your music online and reach hundreds of stores around the world as I TUNES, AMAZON AND SPOTIFY. From 15 € for a single fee until you get to our “All inclusive” that gives you the right to load unlimited outputs, we have adapted to every requirement.  No hidden costs – intuitive and fast editing!


With Copyright Protection (Tutelautore), you can also distribute and sell your music. With Copyright Protection (Tutelautore) it has never been so easy. Just follow our FORM, fill it out and wait the chosen date publication!

We will automatically activate an ACCOUNT from which you can check your sales and monetization of your Song.


Author statement protecting your profits every three months from the date publication. Therefore, every three months you can decide whether to keep your credit copyright protection and use it for other publications or transfer it to your pay pal account.


  • You can insert from 1 to 3 tracks without additional costs compared to the package cost;

  • You can decide if you get 100% of the proceeds or give a sales percentage at “Tutelautore” (Copyright Protection), paying a lower price;

  • You can decide whether to publish only on I-TUNES DOWNLOAD SERVICE or on over 250 platforms in the world.

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer promptly.

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