YouTube is the world leader video sharing with its volume and the number of visits it receives every day. It has reached fourth place in the world, among the most visited sites, right after Google, Facebook and Twitter. Our YouTube marketing service guarantees you an incredible visibility on this famous portal and an increasing Italian visual YouTube. It is not recommended to perform this service if similar promotion are already underway as there are problems in tracking the service.


The delivery Italian views is guaranteed by our service. Our service guarantee real Italian visits, legally performed through a marketing service activated on websites and mobile applications. In a very low percentage of cases (about 2/3 % and only that YouTube did random checks) some videos could be subject to control with the consequences if YouTube through it was anomalous to the real extent of the video. We recall that is essential that the video to be added to YouTube’s “Privacy Settings” in “Public” mode. The views provide by our service are 100% natural, so it is not possible to trace the flow of views precisely, and for this reason we ask you to disable any promotional campaign on the video during our service. If is not done, this could cause a wrong count of the displayed deliveries, just as if you purchase an international view pack and succeed in the previous order (or vice versa), with our service, please let us know by mail, the previous order still in progress, we cannot activate the Italian and international service at the same time, and your order will therefore be activate only after the previous delivery.

Delivery time for Youtube views:

  • 5000    views   = 3/5 days       (3000 – 5000 views a day plus activation time)

  • 10.000 views  = 7/10 days     ( 3000 – 5000 views a day plus activation time)

  • 20.000 views  = 15/25 days   ( 3000 – 5000 views a day plus activation time)

  • 50.000 views  = 10/30 days   ( 5000 – 8000 views a day plus activation time)

  • 100.000 views = 15/25 days   ( 5000 – 10.000 views a day plus activation time)

If YouTube believes that the visits received are too much above the actual viewing capability of the video, it may result in the removal of the visits. This hypothesis is completely remote, but in respect and clarity with the customer, we tend to indicate it among the information.

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