With “Tutelautore” you have the opportunity to place yourself in ITALIAN TOP TEN of classic iTUNES.



Thanks to a highly developed mail database, we are able to guarantee your song, a very high reputation and, consequently, a high number of downloads. We have a database of about 650.000 people who loves music and often the song you choose will be downloaded and will remain in the TOP TEN of the iTUNES ranking on the specified day for an average time between 3 and 24 hours, which will depend on the promotional activities of the competitors, but will still be able to get to the TOP. To make an order you must specify in addition to the song a category in which to appear in TOP TEN and date you would like to get to TOP TEN. The result of this mail-marketing operation is a high number of downloads that brings to display the track in the TOP TEN. If your track likes, with the visibility given by the TOP TEN obtained after the delivery of our communication, this will be able to grow fame very quickly and guarantee you a great volume of listening!

Ranking is done through a completely legitimate marketing procedure that respects 100% of iTUNES’s policies, which means  a high number of mail submissions leading to a large number of concentrated purchases in no time (about 150-300 downloads). Downloads of your track will be so completely, so naturally, caused by the great visibility gained through our promotion and, of course there will be no risk of deleting your song. The ranking position refers to the category belonging to your song. To have the service guarantee, it is absolutely essential that the purchase takes place within a minimum of 3 working days to the scheduled date for entry of the song in the ranking. During the paid payment process, enter the exact track of the song, iTUNES category and the date of publication that you want. We will not charge any extra cost if your song has a lower cost of 0,99 euros, but if this song has a higher cost, you will be charged the difference cost multiplied by the number of downloads that you received at the end of the service, because we should send more e-mails to get the download. The download you get, being these all-natural and customer-made payments, will obviously make you pay off. On TOP of the day, you will receive a screen showing with your track in the list.

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