Be visible on Facebook is the goal that everyone to do mass communication on this famous social network, but, sometimes, Facebook has the prohibitive cost. “” (“Author protection”) provides Facebook Fans Italians quality real and with active profiles from all over Italy, of both sexes and aged between 13 and 65 years, thanks to a clever marketing campaign designed on a network of web sites, applications and profiles, or other Facebook pages.

Each our Fans is a real person, so we suggest you to retain a page with attractive content, to create interest in who read you. Answer to comments promoting the positive interactions and treating any criticism constructively, and our marketing campaign will bring the excellent results. By following these tips, your page increase quickly their liking and Fans will remain active in your community!


Our service “like” is a real marketing service. This allows us to provide all relevant Fans page, but there may be, in the days following the delivery of the order made a natural decline in Fans, and for that, we will always provide a slight increase in the service purchased. In the case in which the decrease exceeds 5% of the quantity purchased, do not hesitate to contact us. Immediately we will integrate. For the page to be increased, do not be present any geographical restriction, sex or age. It is very important that they are not active other marketing campaigns, so that you can properly track the increase. You can buy “likes” for any type page, but do not recommend the service to the clear political pages.  As many people who do not share the political views of the page is still free to click “likes” and discuss even with divergent opinions, being our real “likes” the service we can’t avoid it not consider ourselves responsible for the behavior of the persons concerned. The activation times of the various packets are about 3 working days.


  • 500 Italians Fans = maximum of 7 days ( 80-100 “like“/ day until the target)

  • 1.000 Italians Fans = maximum of 14 days (80-100 “like”/day until the target)

  • 2.000 Italians Fans = maximum of 30 days (80-100 “like”/day until the target)

  • 5.000 Italians Fans = maximum of 50 days (100-200 “like”/day until the target)

  • 10.000 Italians Fans = maximum of 60 days (100-200 “like”/day until the target)

  • 25.000 Italians Fans = maximum of 90 days (300-500 “like”/day until the target)

  • 50.000 Italians Fans = maximum of 90 days (300-500 “like”/day until the target)

100.000 Italians Fans = maximum of 150 days (300-500 “like”/day until the target).

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